Initial Decentralised Exchange Offering (IDO)

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Mars Panda and PancakeSwap

Since the Mars Panda Token (MPT) will be listed on PancakeSwap soon, we have decided to focus on initial decentralised exchange (DEX) offerings, or commonly referred to as IDO, in this article.

Projects and Fundraising

There are so many cryptocurrency and blockchain projects in the market or developing at the moment with so many varied use cases. A commonality running through most projects though is that they require some sort of financial incentive to keep developers and contributors engaged. However, not all projects can rely on donations or contributions from angel investors. More often than not, external funding will be required quite early on in a project’s lifespan.

Initial Decentralised Exchange Offerings

An IDO is a type of decentralised and permissionless crowdfunding platform to raise funds in the crypto space.

Comparison with other Public Offerings

IDOs are different from IEOs, which occur on centralised exchanges (CEX) such as Binance.

Benefits of IDOs

When a project launches a token through a decentralised liquidity exchange, it enables the project team to receive venture capital before launching the actual project. Projects issuing IDOs receive financing from individual investors; however, unlike IPO, investors in IDOs do not own any equity in the project. This allows the project team a tool for engaging their communities in an economy that both enriches their products and services, while allowing them to make smart business decisions regarding their assets with full autonomy.‍

  • prohibiting the project from listing their token on competing exchanges, and/or
  • having limited control in the parameters of a project’s token sale.

The Mars Panda Advantage

Although participating in IDO through DeFi platforms requires a learning curve, most IDOs sell out very quickly, depending on the project’s vision and use cases. The project token will also be listed on the DEX after the sale ends.

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