Mars Panda NFT Marketplace Testnet is Live!

We are excited to announce the release of the Mars Panda NFT Marketplace on BSC Testnet for our community to experience and share relevant feedback with us.

‍Before we get started, let’s make sure you have the necessary tools to explore the NFT Marketplace Testnet. We chose MetaMask in this walkthrough, but you can use WalletConnect as well. The steps will be similar if not the same.

Install MetaMask Browser Extension

Visit and select the link for your web browser
Install the browser extension and confirm the prompts

Create a MetaMask Wallet

Welcome Screen: Click “Get Started” & then click “Create a Wallet”
Click “Create a Wallet”

MetaMask Password

Pick a password

Wallet Secret Backup Phrase

Write down your secret recovery phrase and store it somewhere secret and safe

Connect MetaMask to BSC Testnet

Click the network selection button near the top of the app

Click on “Custom RPC” if you have not previously added the BSC Testnet information.

Select ‘Custom RPC’

Enter in the BSC Testnet details as follows:

Network Name: BSC Testnet


ChainID: 97

Symbol: BNB

Block Explorer URL:

Then press “Save”.

Claim Testnet Tokens from Faucet

BSC Faucet

Bring up your MetaMask extension and click on your wallet address/account name. This will copy your wallet address to the clipboard for you to paste into the box on the faucet screen.

Click account name to copy wallet address, then paste it into the faucet input box

Do note that each wallet can only claim BNBs from the faucet once per time period, which increases each time you use it. When finished, click on the MetaMask extension to confirm you have received the funds.

You are almost good to go! Just one more thing…

Connecting to the NFT Marketplace Testnet

Click on Connect Wallet
Click on Metamask
Select the Account and Click “Next”
Click Connect
Successful wallet connection to the NFT Marketplace

You have successfully completed the connection. Now, you can interact with the platform, having connected your wallet.

Things you can do:

  • View upcoming Events
  • Browse available Auctions
  • Create NFTs (Collectibles)
  • Sell NFTs (Collectibles)
  • Buy NFTs (Collectibles) minted by other artists
  • Create your NFT profile
  • Edit prices of NFTs
  • Remove an NFT from sale
  • Reopen sale for an NFT
  • See original creator and current owner of the NFT
  • Access the FAQ‍

There is still some integration work to be done with the KYC and whitelisting auto solution, so do expect some glitches while this is being upgraded for the Mainnet version.

We would also appreciate it if you would join our Telegram group and share your feedback with us so that we can be able to improve the platform even further.

Mars Panda NFT Marketplace

Join us now. Hop on and play with the NFT world!

About Mars Panda

Mars Panda is a complete eco-system which consists of:

• Games, Social Media and Ecommerce Aggregation

• Yield farming DeFi

• Mars Panda game with NFT game elements

• NFT Marketplace

We aim to fuse mainstream eCommerce and Gaming to the crypto world of NFTs and DeFi, on one seamless, unified platform.

Find us at:

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Legatus Global Pte Ltd is an entity that has obtained a regulatory exemption under the Payment Services Act (“PSA”) for digital payments token services. Legatus Global is commissioned to handle the issuance of Mars Panda Token (MPT) as well as the KYC/AML during the private sales and distribution of tokens to private investors. Legatus Global is also handling the process for private sales and distribution.

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