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Q1: Could you do an introduction of yourself? Why is the project called “Mars Panda”?

Kevin has been in the global IT and telecommunication fields with multinational corporations like Tata, Telstra and IBM for more than 2 decades. He was one of the people who helped start what was called Token Economy Association in 2018, and which is now rebranded as the Blockchain Association of Singapore (BAS). He has been in the Fintech space for more than 6 years and is very active in the compliance and regulatory space in both the local and global scenes.

Nikita has been in the blockchain industry for almost 5 years. She has been active in the FinTech space and is a fervent investor and advocate of cryptocurrency since 2017.

How did the project get named “Mars Panda”:
Mars — We, at Mars Panda, identify with the inspirational endeavour of humanity to explore Mars. Coincidentally, it sounds like Elon “Musk”, whose SpaceX initiative strives to create a better future, making human civilization a spacefaring one, reaching Mars and beyond. This resonates deeply with our desire as a company to do good for all mankind. And of course, we hope that our project will blast off to “Mars”, beyond the proverbial crypto lingo “to the moon” — last but not least, is there anything more exciting than going out there and being among the stars?

Panda — There is no question, the world loves giant pandas. We obviously do, too! These enigmatic, reserved herbivores evoke goodwill wherever they go. We love them too for their symbolic association of our oriental heritage and their universal appeal. We hope that our project brings value to the world and receives love everywhere just like our namesake do.

Q2: What is the Mars Panda platform all about?

Mars Panda World is a platform comprising gaming, NFT Marketplace, launchpad acting to incubate local and regional start-ups and projects. Our game’s direction will be centred around GameFi’s powerful “earn-as-you-play” concept. The game mechanics and economy are still in the conceptualization phase and the implementation of successful in-game economics will be our primary focus.

We will feature our very own NFT marketplace allowing players to trade their respective in-game items. The distinction is the availability of physical items and artwork (Physical NFT if you will) and fractionalized real estate NFTs on our marketplace, curated and indexed by Google AI in the near future.

We have found a way to legally fractionalized real estate into NFTs and this is something that will be a market first.

We are building our incubator launchpad — helping to fund local and regional projects with brilliant ideas and hardworking teams. This presents a rare opportunity to be a seed investor in these innovative and promising projects. Think of it as a Kickstarter for crypto (be it the metaverse or game-fi) and non-crypto projects alike. Some of these projects include locally-developed games as well as excellent student projects.

We are not only focused on revenue generation (although that is important for all successful businesses), CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) is a big part of our DNA. We are collaborating with one of our early investors to launch onerous but noble initiatives to provide education and establish stable internet connections in third world countries.

We also believe that the climate crisis is a race that we can win, therefore we will be looking into initiatives for scalable new technologies and nature-based solutions that will enable us all to leapfrog to a cleaner, more resilient world. Mars Panda will definitely be part of the collective action to tackle the global threat of the climate crisis.

Cryptocurrency is about levelling the uneven playing field in the traditional world and we believe this can be extended beyond the financial sense.
Financial inclusion and betterment of the world is part of what we wish to achieve through our project.

Q3: Token utility will be one of the main draws of token demand. What are some of the token utilities of MPT?

Mars Panda Token (MPT) is the utility token of our platform.
Good token utilities are needed to ensure the healthy velocity of funds within the ecosystem.

MPTs will be needed to:

  • Gain access to rare/higher tiers in the NFT Marketplace
  • Gain access to Real Estate NFTs when it is unveiled later in the year
  • Enjoy the chance for NFT airdrops and proprietary merchandise
  • Will be needed for certain in-game events for our game(s)
  • Access to early rounds of fundraising for projects incubated on our MP launchpad
  • Gain access to future investment vehicles in Phase 2
  • Staking with our partner’s liquidity pool (BUSD pairing or BNB pairing)
  • Access to Mars Panda card that allows spending in cryptocurrency, with off-ramping done via our partners, a minimum amount of MPTs will be required to gain access to this card

When we begin our Phase 2 launch, MPT holders will gain access to these patented structured products featuring on-chain settlements — once again, fully regulatory-compliant.

Together, Phase 2 will have more initiatives that endeavour to bridge the gap between investors and excellent projects that add value to the real world.

There will be a fixed supply of MPTs throughout. Mars Panda believes in the value proposition of the token and to that end, we will push for adoption as the main driver of our platform and token usage.
As such, there will be no tokens that will be burnt to artificially prop up its valuation.

Q4: What are some plans for the future of Mars Panda?

Mars Panda will incorporate Google AI into our NFT Marketplace to stay aligned to regulations regarding AML and for the curation of items within our marketplace. We will launch our fractionalized real estate NFT in Q4 this year with the first fractionalized NFT being a commercial property valued at $400 million. Real Estate is a huge industry and we

firmly believe that the application of NFT to fractionalizes the ownership of properties and businesses will lead to exponential and unprecedented growth in the adoption of NFTs beyond the current metaverse and “pixelated” artwork of the OG era.
While we are in the conceptualization of our game, we have plans to build products that connect multiple games that cater to a wider audience sharing the same NFTs, creating a metaverse of games. The game will be built to appeal to different groups of people and offer different ways for people to earn from the game(s).

Q5: You mentioned Phase 2 of Mars Panda, could you elaborate more on this?

Phase 2 will be an interesting one. We have found a way to offer regulated financial products similar to stock exchanges, which will be compliant with all regulations where MPT holders will gain access to this and trade on crypto derivatives. Phase 2 has already undergone rigorous modeling and testing and more information will be revealed in Q4.

Q6: There are many NFT marketplaces out there right now. Could you shed some light on what makes your NFT marketplace different from others?

We stand out from the rest in a couple of ways. Firstly, our NFT Marketplace does not offer only Digital NFTs and “art pieces” but actual art pieces in physical form. And we are one of the first (if not the first) to offer fractionalized Real Estate NFTs as mentioned earlier. This will be an exciting application of NFT to physical commodities and we believe it will spur the adoption of NFTs to its next phase in market maturity.

Secondly, we will incorporate Google AI into our NFTs, making all transactions recorded and regulated to be in line with AML. This also allows for systematic indexing of goods and NFTs within our marketplace, potentially widening the reach of Mars Panda.

Q7: Can you reveal more about the Mars Panda Game? When can we expect the release of the game?

At this point in time, since the game is in the conceptualization phase, we can’t reveal too many details as yet. There will be land sales and an in-game economy that rewards early players and regular players alike.
We are aiming for an alpha release at the end of Q4 and a beta version in Q1 of 2022.

We want to make sure the game and server are fine-tuned and optimized before timing a release.

Q8: Are there any projects that are ready to be launched on your launchpad? What makes your launchpad different from the numerous others out there?

We understand the difficulty of seeking funds without proper connections and lack of a stellar track record.
To this end, we decided to start incubating projects for diligent teams with great ideas and bring their ideas to fruition. Besides serving as a launchpad for fund-raising and marketing, legal compliance and accountability will be a priority for all projects incubated under Mars Panda Launchpad.

Some projects that are launched on our launchpad include excellent student projects (on tertiary level) and local game-fi projects.
Already, there are a few promising projects that will be slated to be launched once we are up and running.

Q9: I want to invest in your project. But I have a little doubt. Can you please assure us that like other scam projects, there is no possibility of cheating?

Kevin Pang, CEO of Mars Panda is/was in semi-government bodies. I think that answers the question on cheating.

Q10: Are you afraid someday there will be another project with more innovative technology that can replace your project?

Innovation is not the only thing that drives success. We have a fantastic team, with extensive experience, and we are working towards building a strong community — with the help of all of you!

Q11: What is the reason you decided to come with an anonymous team? How can we trust you as we saw most of the projects with anonymous team members do scams? Will you reveal your identity in the future?

We are not anonymous. We are a team of real people, just that we use cute pandas as avatars. Our names are on the website. You can find it on LinkedIn.

Q12: Is your project a local project or a global project? Can anyone use your services from anywhere in the world? Are there any restrictions on using your service?

Yes, totally Global and Decentralized.

Q13: Could you please elaborate more about your Tokenomics? What is the total supply and What kind of plans do you have regarding the token unlocks in the future?

Do check our website for the token supply information and Tokenonics. For the unlocking mechanism for private sales holders, it will be announced soon in a document, along with the staking pools.

Q14: Do you have a Whitepaper? If yes, can you please share with us? How do you plan to increase your community and promote them to hold your tokens in the long run? Also, have you planned in your Tokenomics at present?

Answer to all your questions can be found at the link provided. Please download and have a look. Link:

Q15: Where can I buy your tokens? Also, can I get links to all your social media platforms?

As of now, you can buy our tokens from Hotbit. Keep in mind that we start trading from SGT 3:00 PM on Hotbit on 31st August 2021. Speaking of social media platforms –– scroll down to the bottom of the article to find the links.

Q16: Where can I buy your tokens right now? Did you list your tokens anywhere and where?

The listing at Hotbit starts tomorrow. You can buy it there. Upcoming (which you can find in our TG) is PancakeSwap & WhiteBIT. Tier 1 exchanges — where we are in process of going through the listing process and that includes Kucoin & Upbit. As a partner of Binance that is the last exchange to be listed.

Q17. Ambassadors play a very important role in every project. Do you have an Ambassador program? If yes, how can I be one?

Yes, we do. Please Direct Message us.

Q18: Can you briefly describe your partnerships so far and upcoming partnerships?

We will share what we can share. Some are confidential. As of now, the following & upcoming partnerships are listed below.

  • Partnership announcement with HALO! Do check our TG for that announcement just 1 day ago
  • A Chinese blockchain company with a new way of mining
  • A few gaming companies
  • IDO partners platform for the Mars Panda IDO platform

About Mars Panda

Mars Panda is a complete eco-system which consists of:

• Games, Social Media and Ecommerce Aggregation

• Yield farming DeFi

• Mars Panda game with NFT game elements

• NFT Marketplace

We aim to fuse mainstream eCommerce and Gaming to the crypto world of NFTs and DeFi, on one seamless, unified platform.

Find us at:

Website | Telegram | Twitter | Facebook | LinkedIn | Medium

Legatus Global Pte Ltd is an entity that has obtained a regulatory exemption under the Payment Services Act (“PSA”) for digital payments token services. Legatus Global is commissioned to handle the issuance of Mars Panda Token (MPT) as well as the KYC/AML during the private sales and distribution of tokens to private investors. Legatus Global is also handling the process for private sales and distribution.



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