The Viability of Metaverse Real Estate NFTs

The Allure of Real Estate

Real estate probably makes up the biggest portion of most people’s financial portfolio. It is inevitably the most expensive purchase we make in our lifetime.

Better Than The Real Thing?

NFTs can be used as “title deeds” to lands and properties in blockchain-based virtual worlds, or commonly known as metaverses. These worlds are usually part of virtual communities or games, and these real estates usually provide virtual spaces for members to congregate or participate in activities (gameplay, art exhibitions, concerts, and more as real-world activities are increasingly getting replicated in the metaverse).

Is Metaverse Real Estate NFTs Viable?

Moving forward, we can probably expect more projects to come up with utility for their metaverse real estate. These would include income opportunities from mining and processing resources embedded in the real estate, liquidity mining, DeFi lending and borrowing using the NFT real estate as collateral, and other models that serve to attract more demand for these real estate NFTs.

Real Estate NFTs in Mars Panda

You will be able to participate in both real-world and metaverse real estate trading in Mars Panda.

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