Why You Should Yield Farm Instead of Stake?

Generating Passive Income

Although crypto investment is relatively new compared to traditional financial instruments, there are still a bewildering number of choices when it comes to deciding where you would like to invest your crypto.

The Low-Down

Security-wise, there is no doubt that staking is better than yield farming as there are no fears of smart contract risks or rug pull schemes.

Liquidity Farming with Mars Panda

You may have heard that Mars Panda Token (MPT) is listed on PancakeSwap as of 7th September 2021. This is a great opportunity to enjoy the high potential returns of yield farming. All you need to do is participate in MPT liquidity pools on PancakeSwap and see your portfolio grow. But the best part has to be having the peace of mind that you will be investing in a project with excellent tokenomics and bonafide use cases.

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